20 Things You’re Allowed To Do

1. Say “no” with no explanation

2. Change your mind

3. Speak your truth

4. Cut toxic people out of your life

5. Rest when you’re tired

6. Make no excuses for how you survived a trauma

7. Love whomever however you choose (with their consent, of course!)

8. Make changes in your life that others may not understand

9. Stop explaining yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you

10. Let go of things that hurt you

11. Wear whatever you want

12. Say “yes” to anything that excites you

13. Move in the direction of your dreams

14. Create a life that brings you peace and joy

15. Revel in what brings you pleasure

16. Take care of yourself first

17. Take all the time you need to heal

18. Love as loud and big and fully as you want

19. Make corrections in your life at any point

20. Protect your precious energy

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