Fill Your Cup

Something I lost sight of when I was a new mom was self-care. I took on the majority of the mental load of running the household, and I truly lost “me” for many years. At the time, of course, I was engrossed in my kids and was trying to be the best mother possible for them, often forgetting that what they needed was a rested, relaxed mother.

As they’ve gotten older and are becoming adults, it’s easy to look back now and realize that time I did carve out to fill my cup kept me sane! I went to the gym, met with other moms who had kids my age for play dates, and I enjoyed book clubs and nights out with friends. Every time I took time to fill my cup, I came back to the household refreshed and inspired.

My daughter is an adult now, and my son is almost there, and I can still see how important it is to take time for the things that refresh my spirit. Interestingly, today one of those things was having lunch with my daughter! She doesn’t live at home anymore and is busy with her own life, so any chance I get to spend one-on-one time with her boosts my mood. She’s one of the funniest people I know and always makes me laugh.

Another thing that always fills my cup is making time for friends. COVID put a damper on that for a while, but things are moving in the right direction where I live, so to be able to meet friends Friday after work or Saturday for coffee has been especially fulfilling lately. Being able to have guests come and stay with us again has brought our home a ton of excitement and anticipation!

It’s been especially important when I feel discouraged or hurt to remember to be extra kind to myself and look for ways to recharge and renew. Hot epsom salt baths, listening to audiobooks, long dinner time conversations with my love, dance parties with my son, working with my runes or tarot – all of these things help me find my center and focus on what is truly meaningful in my life.

It may sound trite or silly, but making time for these things has helped me heal, re-focus, and move forward from tough times more than I can say. When I feel overwhelmed, reminding myself to fill my cup usually works.

My wish for you is a full to overflowing cup. Cheers!

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