The Stage

I went to check on the house this morning. Apparently, we’d left some dishes there, and I wanted to see what they were since I hadn’t missed anything (yet!). When I drove around the corner, the staging truck was there.

It was early, but they were taking furniture in, so I just stayed out of their way. I had some trash in the garage that needed to be tossed in the emptied-yesterday garbage can and a few old balls the dog had half-buried in the yard to toss as well. Once finished, I said goodbye and told them I’d be back later.

I ran a couple errands and came home. I have a “standard” parking space in the garage here at our apartment and have been doing a great job getting my Civic into what I think is incredibly small and way too close to a concrete column. As I pulled into my spot, I felt the back passenger door scrape it. Dammit, man! I’d been being so careful…

I had some lunch and finished up getting my son’s room squared away. (His first sleep here is tonight!) I vacuumed all the dog hair and random crap that falls to the floor when one moves in, and headed back to the house to see the progress.

I’m happy to report that I had done a great job arranging furniture in that house because although their stuff is newer and more modern, it was all in pretty much the same dang place I’d put my stuff. So go, me! Maybe they’ll give me a job.

The staging process is a long one. They’ll be back after the weekend with the finishing touches. It really does look lovely, and it had me picturing the next family who will live there. I’m excited for them, whoever they are!

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