Tell Your Stories

I love this quote from Anne Lamott. When I started this blog, I decided to tell my stories. Some people have loved that. Others? Not so much.

I’ve always been careful not to name names since this is a public blog, and I will continue to be discreet about that. What I won’t do, however, is stop writing.

People who see themselves in my writing – whether their view is accurate or not – may take offense to the things I write. That’s ok. That’s their prerogative. If they think they’re being portrayed in a negative light, well, then I guess they should have behaved better.

These are my views. I am only one person. What I write should hold no bearing over what anyone else thinks, believes, or internalizes. If it does, then that person has chosen to let it. And their reaction to it is on them.

Hopefully, what you see is a person using her writing to heal and grow. I hope I sometimes make you laugh. I hope I sometimes inspire. I hope to help you realize you are not alone. If you’re here for any other reason, that’s on you.

Maybe you’re a part of what I write. Maybe you just see yourself in it. Either way, I will write.

I will tell my stories.

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