A Year of Change

As I think about 2022, the only word that comes to me is “change.” I’ve had many years of change in my life, as we all have. I mean, the saying is “the only constant in life is change,” right? For me, 2022 brought some of the best, most satisfying change I’ve experienced so far. It also brought some of the hardest, saddest change.

I sold my house in April, and after living there for 21 years, I wasn’t sure how I would feel in the aftermath. I’m here 8 months later to say that I have zero regrets. Downsizing into an apartment with half the space has been so liberating and exciting. We love being able to walk out the door to restaurants, shops, and trails. We love having no maintenance responsibilities beyond routine cleaning. We sit at our dining table every night and appreciate our home and the freedom that comes with it.

I also married the love of my life in July. After my divorce, I said I’d never marry again. But after 6 years of loving this man and welcoming his love into my life, marriage just made sense to both of us. I can honestly say that it hasn’t really altered anything for us, but it has deepened our love and trust. It has graced us with a level of comfort and ease that I’ve never felt in any other relationship. I am so happy we chose to marry.

As for the hard change, suffice it to say that my parents, who are both in their 80’s and have been married for 63 years, had the biggest change of life this year. Aging can be a bitch, and without invading their privacy with my writing, I will say they both had a tough, hard year. One positive is that two of my familial relationships have been strengthened in ways I never saw coming, and that has enriched my life beyond measure. There are always, always blessings in the shit, and my brother and his wife will forever be my heroes.


I find myself quiet and accepting at the end of this year. This is different for a woman who usually kicks and screams her way through change.

A sign of maturity?


But maybe I’m just ready to, quietly and ever so surely, turn another page…

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