Pep Talk

There were times that your heart was so full of joy you thought it might burst, your smile so big your cheeks cramped up. The feelings of love and happiness filled you up like a hot air balloon and sent you off over the tree tops, floating high above the ordinary.

Then there were dark times. Times your heart was ripped to shreds, and you thought you might die from the excrutiating pain you felt there. Tear-stained cheeks and black despair. If there is a hell, you were deep in the muck of it and unsure how to get out.

It’s your story. Every bit. The journey has not always been calm and serene. The road has held some twists and turns you never saw coming. And on this path, some delicious surprises have presented themselves, and you were smart and savored those moments like juicy peaches on a summer day.

It doesn’t always go as planned. Hell, it rarely goes as planned. But there you are, still standing, still taking the good with the bad, the gains with the losses. Sometimes having the time of your life with the people who make your soul soar. Sometimes laughing your ass off at the absolute absurdity of the hot cup of shit you’ve been forced to gulp.

You fascinating, perfect, flawed creature.
You are incredible. You are brave. You are magic.

Never forget it.

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