If I love you, it sticks for me. It doesn’t matter if you’re family or friends. Once I’ve given you a piece of my heart, it’s pretty much always yours. 

Some of my heart-pieces are shiny and new. Others are polished to a sheen from years of care and friendship. Some have been dropped, shattered, put back together, and placed in a corner only to be remembered from time to time. Some are extra precious pieces, cherished with a tenderness that takes my breath away.

All these pieces that belong to others make my heart bigger. I never run out, and in fact, the pieces multiply and grow as I give them away. Love is funny that way, isn’t it? Even the pieces that get returned to me unwanted make my heart stronger, braver, and more open.

I’m fortunate enough to know plenty of people whose heart-pieces are also tattooed with many names. They love big. Their love makes the world a little brighter, a little less lonely. I know my name is on a few heart-pieces floating around inside those luminous souls.

If I have ever loved you, you can rest assured your name resides on one of mine.

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