You know how when you’re in certain places or with certain people you get a sense of calm and peace? These are the people and places that are good for your soul. They are what you need more of in your life. 

I have always felt a sense of peace when I’m near the water. Although any ocean, lake, river, or pond calms me, the beaches of my hometown in Florida are especially soothing to me with their white sugary sand and warm, turquoise water. I love to go at sunset, in particular, and watch the sun light the sky on fire. Mother Nature streaks her canvas with a paintbrush dipped in shades of pink, orange, red, and purple. No two sunsets are the same, yet every single one elicits sighs of contentment and awe from me.

I am blessed to have some people in my life, as well, whose presence makes my blood pressure drop and my pace slow. Leisurely chats over coffee or walks in the park with these friends keep me grounded and sane. My sweetheart’s tender embrace and the gentle way he holds my hand bring me serenity and contentment. I pay attention to peoples’ energy and how I feel around them, and I seek out those whose company leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated. I feel incredibly fortunate to know so many people with such good vibes!

Where is your happy place?

Who is your tribe?

We all deserve these moments of calm. We need them in our hectic, busy lives to stay energized. Find your people. Find your places. Bask in all the goodness they bring. Seek them out. Relish them.


3 thoughts on “Exhale

  1. Yes, girl! I had this very thought as I left lunch with a good friend of mine last week. She just makes me happy and it’s always been easy with her, they are few and far these days, but I so appreciate the ones I have!


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