PSA #947

There will be times in life – possibly many of them – when things just won’t make sense. Things will go wrong, bad decisions will be made, people will leave one way or another. And you will be left standing there, shaking your head or scratching it, and thinking to yourself, “What the hell? What just happened here?”

You might spend some time trying to figure things out, trying to examine your behavior or the behavior of others. You might have a spiritual dilemma where you question God or the Universe. You might fall into a heap and sob for hours, wanting all the crazy in your life to make sense. You might go out and medicate yourself with booze or pills or people.

And you know what? No matter what you do or how hard you try to numb it or figure it out, some shit is just going to be crazy. It just is. Your lack of understanding of a situation doesn’t make it any more or less tolerable or helpful or anything other than what it is.

So instead of wasting your precious, precious energy trying to figure out crazy (or convince people to see things your way), live YOUR life the way YOU feel is best, according to YOUR standards. Hopefully, it’s a life lived with kindness, compassion, and a crap-ton (yes, that’s a word) of LOVE.  

Carry on…


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