Letter to Myself Five Years Ago

Dear 2014 Kristi,   I’m writing to you from five years in the future, and there are some important things you need to know.   The pain you’re in won’t last forever. The dark thoughts you’re having are understandable considering what he’s been doing, but I am here to tell you that you’re going to … Continue reading Letter to Myself Five Years Ago


I haven’t been this glad to see a week end in a long time. Both my kids have been sick, my dog is injured, and there are a dozen little things in need of attention/repair around my house. It’s one of those weeks where everything has seemed to just pile up with one thing going … Continue reading Adulting

10 Things To Do When Sh*t Goes Sideways

Is your husband enjoying the mother of all midlife crises? Has your wife received terrifying medical news? Is your teen experiencing extreme depression? Has your toddler just been diagnosed with a a condition you can't pronounce?  Welcome to the shitshow. Many of us have been there, and most of us have made it through. Life's … Continue reading 10 Things To Do When Sh*t Goes Sideways

The Highly Defensive

Have you ever had to deal with a highly defensive person? The kind of person who, when asked about anything, jumps to deflect, defend, minimize, or dismiss? Highly defensive people have very little ability to look at themselves, to question their behaviors or thoughts, or to make corrections. They typically lack compassion and empathy. They … Continue reading The Highly Defensive


first published 11/10/16   There was this one time I didn't get what I wanted. It was a big thing that I wanted. The thing I wanted affected my life and my children's lives. I changed some of my own behaviors in order to make that thing better. I talked about that thing. I prayed … Continue reading Once