Graded Distance Learning, Here We Come!

Starting tomorrow, our school district will begin graded distance learning. They have been providing enrichment learning for the past month, and now it’s time to make it count. As the parent of a kid who is in a special education setting the majority of the time, I’m not sure exactly what that’s going to look … Continue reading Graded Distance Learning, Here We Come!

Pandemic Lessons

I feel like this pandemic is teaching me things. I think many of them I already knew, but there are some new ones thrown in for good measure. Maybe some of them aren’t lessons per se, but reminders or clarifications. Either way, the introspection isolating brings is, in many ways, eye-opening. One clarification is that … Continue reading Pandemic Lessons

In the Suck

I was able to enjoy a Zoom meeting with three girlfriends yesterday, and one of them - a health and wellness coach - reminded us all to use the words “and that’s ok” after every feeling we’re experiencing right now. It’s far too easy to beat ourselves up for not being “productive” or feeling completely … Continue reading In the Suck

A Bit of Gratitude

As I put my head on my pillow tonight, I am especially grateful for our health. My partner is an essential school employee. Two weeks ago, he was in the same room and possibly/likely interacted with a parent who later tested positive for COVID-19. Several of his co-workers were also in the room, and all … Continue reading A Bit of Gratitude

Feeling the Feels

I am experiencing so many different emotions these days. It’s hard to know where to land with them, you know? I’m grieving. I don’t think we will be going back to any kind of normal we had before this virus took hold. I wonder if we will return to hand shakes or stick with smiles … Continue reading Feeling the Feels

Depression Mitigation

I woke up exhausted yesterday morning. When that happens, I know I’m one step down the path to depression, and I need to do something or else things will spiral. I’ve been giving myself a lot of grace this past week, but one more day watching the news in my sweats wasn’t going to cut … Continue reading Depression Mitigation

The “Little” Guys

As I sit here this morning with my coffee and my thoughts, I hear the Waste Management trucks moving up and down the street, collecting the neighborhood trash and recycling. I’ve also read posts from people bitching about how the school districts aren’t doing enough to provide actual, graded online learning for our kids right … Continue reading The “Little” Guys

Keep Breathing

Three weeks ago, my partner and I started to prep for this pandemic. He has prepped for “it” for years because that’s how he rolls, but I mean we went and got toilet paper, over-the-counter medicines, some extra food, and replenished our (very important) coffee supply. We had split up that day because he’d gone … Continue reading Keep Breathing

Here’s One For Ya

So if we’re supposed to self-isolate and just hang with our families, what do people whose children spend time in TWO households do? My son spends a quarter or so of his time at his dad’s house. There is another child at his dad’s house who spends time at her dad’s house. I have daughter … Continue reading Here’s One For Ya

Social Distance Ramble

I slept until 8:00 this morning. This might not seem like any big deal, but I’m usually up by about 5:30 when I’m working or getting my son up for school. Since there’s no school for the foreseeable future, though, we had no reason to rise so early. An hour later, I’m also already exhausted. … Continue reading Social Distance Ramble