You know what I’m doing? I’m hiding from math. My apologies to my father and all the other wonderful mathematics teachers out there, but I hate math. It makes my brain hurt. I’m in the process of acquiring my state teaching certificate to return to work. I’m an English teacher. My only deficiencies when I … Continue reading Nemesis


You know how Facebook shows you memories from years gone by? I’ve been seeing some from a really shitty time in my life, and it’s impressing upon me how what you see on social media isn’t necessarily what you actually get. Or are living. Or are any semblance of whatsoever. The first set of pics … Continue reading Time-lapse

Day #30

I issued myself a challenge 30 days ago to publish something every day for a month on this blog. I almost did it! I think I missed about four days. Generally speaking, I feel like it was a good exercise for me, and I learned a few things. I don’t like using writing prompts. Of … Continue reading Day #30